Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NEW Membership Prices

For the first time since Club Penguin started, the team has decided to change the price of new memberships purchased in US and Canada. Starting on July 13th, the new price for a Club Penguin membership will be $7.95 a month, $39.95 for 6 months and $59.95 for 12 months.

The new price is only for NEW membership purchases. If you already have a recurring membership, you'll keep paying the old price as long as you stay a member. You'll also be able to use membership cards with the old price if you have them.

Ever since Club Penguin launched, they've released tons of new games, features and special events, and donated millions of dollars to charitable projects to help kids around the globe. The new price will allow them to create even more great content that will make Club Penguin even better. They can't say too much yet, but they have some really exciting new things planned for us in the coming months!

Good thing I purchased my recurring membership 2 years ago!

Friday, July 1, 2011


How do you guys like the new header? Sexy, right?


Posting a new header soon!

The current header I have right now is really old. In a couple of hours, a new header will be shown at the very top, proudly representing Club Penguin All Day.


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Club Penguin Updates for July '11

So, the employees of Club Penguin are planning a special and exciting party that will surely take you on an adventure.

The theme of the party is called: ADVENTURE PARTY.

The Club Penguin workers are currently adding the finishing touches to the special bash, and planned a very special appearance from a very special PIRATE.

Any ideas on who it might be?

That's not the only exciting thing planned for Club Penguin.

A new catalog for July 2011!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is so exciting! Now you can buy new gear for the Adventure Party!

Oh, and if you did not get your two free items from Club Penguin yet (Red Hat and Blue Cloud Background), it will be in your inventory very soon. Just be patient.

Bugs were squashed:
You can now play Card-Jitsu without any problems.
They also fixed the DJ3K bugs that caused the Flash Player to freeze.

You can also expect a few NEW GAMES to come out in a while. The team is working on many new game prototypes.

That's all for now, WADDLE ON!



THAT'S RIGHT... ME, JEA1023!!!!!!!

Hey penguins of Club Penguin! I'm back after my one year "vacation", and I'm here to STAY! So sorry I had to leave after such a short run on this blog. I promise I won't leave you guys hanging! I'm going to get this site running up and well right away! Tell your friends about this site!

Waddle on!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mystery Pins?

What do you think this is?
Do you think it's how the new pins will look like?
Is it badges that you'll earn after completing a mission?
Or are they just party stamps that will show what parties you've been to?


This shows that Club Penguin has alot in store for us penguins!!!

Stay tuned for more updates about this soon!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My New Cadence Background!

Hey Guys... after searching and searching all over the island for Cadence, I finally found her! She was found in the Dance Lounge which wasn't very busy. I thought she wasn't there until penguins started chanting: "YOU ROCK CADENCE!", "WE LOVE YOU CADENCE!", "CADENCE YOU'RE AWESOME!" And I started to search through the crowd of penguins but then the easiest way was to go to the "Users in Room" list and FOUND HER!

^"You have found a Cadence Background"^


If you want to help track Cadence or the Penguin Band then chat with other players in the chat box above and leave the location/ server or where you recently saw them.

(Now even though I don't have the first Cadence background, I'm still happy I found this one... but of course I still want the first ever Cadence Background.)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cadence - New Background Image

Hey Penguins! Many of you heard about the new Cadence BG she is giving out... well here it is!!!

LMFAO! Thanks stranger for showing me the background! I was lucky I found him.
Penguin: Mattyboy14

Music Jam '10

Welcome to the Music Jam!!!
This party has been here since 2008 and is still a party favorite!
Many penguins, including myself, have been waiting for this and it's finally here! Read more to discover all the cheats and guides to this party!

There are many surprises involved in this party... the famous penguins, the different types of music, the instruments, and rooms! There is a secret backstage room located at the dock where members who have the backstage pass can access. You can also use the backstage pass to enter the rooftop of the Night Club where Cadence, the pop star of CP, could be jammin'.
^The backstage entrance at the Dock^^Inside the backstage^

^The backstage instruments for sale^

Just so you know, more instruments will be available on July 15.
If you want to buy your backstage pass, there are stores in the Ski Village and Snow Forts.
You can buy your backstage pass there and you can even get new T-Shirts.
***Available to members ONLY***

^Shirt store at the Snow Forts^

Want free items??? I bet you do!!!
Check out the item stand at the Cove where they're giving away free blue headphones and if you have your backstage pass... head to the Night Club rooftop to get your free BOOM-BOX!!!
(Wear your boom-box and dance... you will be breakdancing!!!)
^Free Headphones^
^Free Boom-box^

Hope you get to meet the Penguin Band and Cadence!